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Explain to the boss, let there be Indo-Pak series! Ramiz's open message to Saurabh

PCB chairman Ramiz Raja is optimistic about India vs Pakistan series. He gave an exclusive interview to Indian Express.

 Let's move away from the political equation of the two countries. Let the India-Pakistan bilateral series continue as before. This is what PCB chairman Ramiz Raja wants. Cricket relations between the two countries have been severed for a long time due to political reasons. Only in the Asia Cup and ICC events do the two teams face each other. After 2012/13, the two teams still did not play in the bilateral series. The two countries have no future cricket schedule

In such a scenario, Ramiz's suggestion to hold a series with the BCCI Indian government is clever. Ramiz, who replaced Ehsan Mani as chairman of the Pak board, says this should be done in the interest of cricket. He said that the cricket fans of the two countries are being deprived in this.

Ramiz told the Indian Express: That is the expectation of them. Don't forget, I have the same kind of pressure. It's not that the situation is too complicated. "

"I have full freedom to promote this idea in the interest of cricket without government interference. As a cricketer I want to move forward on this. Because that's what I believe should happen. "

Ramiz added, "Whenever I talk about India-Pakistan cricket, I don't just talk about being the chairman of the board. The inner cricket entity actually comes out. And my point as a cricketer, politics can now go to the back seat. Why can’t just the fans enjoy the cricket fight between the two countries? It is clear from the statistics of this series that it is the best tournament in the world. We have to start it anyway. "

The ICC meeting is ahead in Dubai. There, Ramiz Raja can announce the plans of T20 Super Series (India, Pakistan, Australia and England) with four countries. Ramiz Raja has received mixed reactions in the cricketing world after such a plan was announced. BCCI secretary Joy Shah said, "It is a short-term commercial project."

However, Ramiz says, "The four-team T20 Super Series is proposed from this idea. Either way it needs to happen. If not now, then when? Because now the responsibility of managing the boards of the two countries is on the former cricketers. ”

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